‘The State of the Global AIDS Epidemic’ A briefing on UNAIDS' Biennial report

This meeting brought together three key speakers together on the eve of World AIDS Day, in a clear call to Parliamentarians, Government and Civil Society to keep focussed on HIV and its global impact.

Paul de Lay
Director of Evidence, Monitoring & Policy, from UNAIDS in Geneva, gave evidence of the need for action, as well as evidence of the positive impact of what we have done so far. His briefing highlighted key points from UNAIDS' latest report on The State of the Global HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Executive Summary of the report.

Ivan Lewis MP
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at DFID, and the new Minister for HIV/AIDS gave his first speech to the APPG on AIDS and talked about the importance of political leadership on HIV. He reassured the audience of the Government’s commitment to HIV and International Development, even in these tough economic times.

Memory Phiri
(21, Zambia) who contracted HIV as a young girl gave a personal perspective. She talked about the impact HIV had had on her life and how she is now working to help others like her live positively with their condition. Overcoming discrimination and bullying in the orphanage where she grew up, Memory gave a powerful speech on the rights of people living with HIV and the need to tackle the AIDS epidemic.

There was a question and answer session and reception afterwards.

This event was kindly sponsored by Durex.