The Equality Bill: A chance to protect people with stigmatised conditions from discrimination in recruitment.

Fewer than four in ten employers would employ someone with any form of mental illness. 75% of employers say it would be ‘impossible’ to employ someone with schizophrenia. Less than 50% of people with HIV are in paid employment

This event, which was co-hosted by the APPG on mental health, explored how the Equality Bill could challenge this discrimination by including a provision to limit the use of pre-employment health questionnaires. It was for MPs and peers only. It referred to current legislation in the US and several European countries, where pre-employment questionnaires are only allowed if they relate to someone’s ability to do the job they have applied for. This ensures that it is easier to recognise cases where employers have discriminated against potential applicants. It featured a personal testimony from someone affected as well as contributions from mental health charity Rethink. Since the meeting the MPs present have tabled an EDM and have spoken on the issue in the Equality Bill debates.