‘No One Should Leave The Clinic Hungry’

Tues 14 th September 2014
10:30 pm to 12:00 pm

Grimmond Room
Portcullis House

Public Event Notice

Ensuring the existence of specialist HIV social care, support and welfare services that underpin biomedical interventions, ensure clinical outcomes and maintain quality of life for people living with HIV in the UK

The All Party Parliamentary Group and Counterpoint Policy Alliance invite you to an event to discuss the impact of welfare reform upon people living with HIV.

Pamela Nash, MP
Allan Anderson,
Chief Executive Positively UK
Peter Ekakaro,
Advice Services Manager Positive East
Dr David Asboe,
Chair of the British HIV Association
Sarah Radcliffe,
National AIDS Trust
Ministerial attendance TBC

Counterpoint Policy Alliance is a partnership between NAZ Project Positive East and Positively UK

RSVP: Anjie Mailey
Tel: 020 7713 0444
Email: info@positivelyuk.org

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