APPG wins promise of new UK Sexual Health Strategy in 2011

The minister for Public Health Anne Milton MP, has agreed to publish a new Sexual Health Strategy to replace the existing out-dated strategy drawn up on 2001. The announcement came after David Cairns MP, Chair of the APPG, called on the Government to look to Scotland, which has a brand new HIV strategy, and consider whether England should do likewise.

The APPG has pressed the Government on the need for a new strategy on a number of occasions, including most recently at a debate on World AIDS Day in Westminster Hall. It was at this debate that the Minister announced the new strategy, confirming that it would be more than just a position paper.

“HIV has changed enormously in the last decade. It is now a long-term health condition, not a death sentence, and there are far more people now living with the virus. We’ve been arguing for some time for a new strategy to reflect those changes and I am very pleased that the Government has decided to draw one up in the New Year.” Said David Cairns MP.