Chair of HIV/AIDs APPG Pamela Nash MP welcomes Global Fund announcement

23rd September 2013

Subject: Press release: Chair of HIV/AIDs APPG Pamela Nash MP welcomes Global Fund announcement

Pamela Nash MP welcomes today’s announcement that the Government will be committing £1 billion to the Global Fund which will ensure millions more lives will be saved from TB, Malaria and HIV.

The Global Fund has already saved 8.7 million lives from TB, Malaria and HIV and has been recognized by the UK Government as one best proven tools we have for achieving the health related Millennium Development Goals. Despite these successes there are still 1.7 million deaths from AIDS every year and globally, the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age is AIDS-related illness. It is estimated that in the absence of HIV, maternal mortality worldwide would be 20% lower. TB is one of the leading killers of women, causing an estimated 500,000 deaths per year. 10 million children were orphaned by TB in 2009 and Malaria accounts for up to 50% of all deaths amongst African school-age children. For that reason it is crucial that the UK has made this investment.
Pamela Nash MP said: “I am delighted that the Government has committed £1 billion to the Global Fund. It is vital that the investment already made in saving lives is not neglected as we are just beginning to see these epidemics brought under control.

As Chair of the APPG for HIV/AIDS I have worked with Parliamentarians and civil society to highlight the life saving importance of this fund and it is great to see everyone's hard work has paid off.

More still needs to be done however, the UK needs to play a leading role in encouraging other Governments to match our ambition and reach the £15billion target for the Global Fund Replenishment if we are serious about ending these three deadly diseases.”