Since the mid 1980s the All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV/AIDS has brought Parliamentarians together from across the political divide to fight for the rights of people living with HIV.


Our Mission

HIV is not yesterday's story. It is with us today in the United Kingdom and affecting families all over the world. The APPG believes that as parliamentarians we should play our part in addressing this epidemic. In particular we have an important role in ensuring that laws and policies are respectful of human rights and promote public health. We value very highly the advice, guidance and support that we get from people living with HIV, NGOs and professionals outside Parliament. We hope to increase the dialogue between politicians and people living with HIV in the UK and around the world.

The APPG on HIV/AIDS has been at the forefront of the HIV response since the 1980s and continues to play a vital role.
— Lord Fowler, Former Vice Chair of the APPG HIV/AIDS

APPG Officers

  • Stephen Doughty MP - Chair

  • Baroness Barker - Vice Chair

  • Baroness Masham - Vice Chair

  • Paul Williams MP - Treasurer

  • Lord Collins - Vice Chair

  • Lord Black of Brentwood - Vice Chair

  • Baroness Gould of Potternewton