Here's just a small sample of our inquiries over the years.

NO ONE LEFT BEHIND -To access the report click here

'No One Left Behind: Towards a sustainable HIV response for key populations and women and girls' tackles some of the biggest challenges to ending the HIV epidemic by 2030. The report makes important recommendations to donors such as the UK Government and the Global Fund to ensure that no one is left behind in the HIV response. 


The hiv puzzle - to access the report click here

'The HIV Puzzle: Piecing together HIV care since the Health and Social Care Act 2012' looks at the impact of the Health and Social Care Act on HIV services, highlighting where there is fragmentation and making key recommendations for the UK Government.



Access denied - to access the report click here

In 2014 the APPG carried out an inquiry into access to HIV medicines in the developing world following on from our previous report Treatment Timebomb. The report looks at the various barriers to accessing ARV medicines and what the UK Government needs to do to address these barriers.